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IPTVBoss Pro Packages

IPTVBoss EDITOR Users (IPTV editor app you install on a computer/server)

You Only Need A Package From This Group

Gives you access to all pro features in the IPTVBoss APPLICATION, including access to all BUILT-IN EPGs within the IPTVBoss APPLICATION. You can choose from 4 different tiers based on the number of Users needed.


Choose this package to get access to ALL of our 80+ EPGs for the low price of $40 monthly.

EPGs ONLY by Country

Choose as many individual EPGs from 80+ Countries for the low price of $3 monthly each.

** Except the "International Sports" EPG which contains 30+ countries and 800+ Sports channels for the low price of $10 monthly.

Additional IP unlock for EPG Service

EPG service is IP Locked, if you'd like to unlock a second IP address, you can purchase an additional IP unlock.

**You can only purchase one extra IP unlock, please DO NOT purchase more than 1 IP unlock as EPG Service accounts will be limited to 2 IP unlocks max.